Our stylists are educated and trained men’s haircuts, waxing, and grooming techniques. Ra is the upscale alternative to a regular barbershop, providing top top-notch service and creativity for all of our male guests. Our stylists can help you achieve a professional, trendy, or relaxed hairstyle to achieve your preferred look. 

In addition to our barber services, we offer a collection of Spa Treatments for men. Take advantage of our waxing services for your back, arms, and chest, or indulge in relaxing body wrap, massage, or facial to help you relax and rejuvenate.  We use naturally-derived Aveda products for men. Men’s skin and scalp are different to women’s and need to be treated differently. Men are more prone to itchiness, irritation, and redness. Our stylists may recommend Aveda’s Pure-Formance and Invati for Men.


Men’s Haircuts
    Master Level: 50
    Senior Level: 45
    Studio Level: 40
    Protege Level: 35

Gray Blending   45
Scalp Balancing Treatment   50


Brow Wax   25
Shoulders   30
Half-Arms Wax   30
Full-Arms Wax    45
Chest   35
Ear   5
Back Wax   60


Moustache & Beard Trim   20
Neckline Trim  5
Facial Hair Gray Blending  25