Jem, Stylist

“Hair is beauty and art to me. It excites me and constantly drives me to continue pushing myself to find the newest techniques and innovative styles.”

Jem is a hair designer at Ra, with over 10 years of experience. She specializes in all services, but is known as the balayage queen for her technique. Jem views hair styling as a form of art.  “Every guest’s hair is a canvas.” The end result is a masterpiece.

Jem is passionate about her work. She views it as more than just a job, striving to make every guest happy leaving the salon.  “Hair is more than a look. It’s about about expressing who you are, and it says a lot about a person.” Jem listens and works with guests and try to make hair more than just hair. With Jem you will be treated to the full Aveda experience and leave looking and feeling your best!